Actitis macularia

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Noun1.Actitis macularia - common North American sandpiperActitis macularia - common North American sandpiper  
sandpiper - any of numerous usually small wading birds having a slender bill and piping call; closely related to the plovers
Actitis, genus Actitis - a genus of Scolopacidae
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tupacincai Hospedero Larus belcheri Actitis macularia Localidad Peru Chicama, Peru De acuerdo con Presente Freitas et al.
Accumulation of selenium and lack of severe effects on productivity of american dippers (Cinclus mexicanus) and spotted sandpipers (Actitis macularia).
pusilla has a narrow band migration pattern and moderate dispersion on spring and summer sites (14), whereas Actitis macularia presents a distinctly different migration pattern on broad fronts with many stopover sites (14,15) and a broad dispersion on spring and summer grounds (14).
Relative intensity of predation also was: 1) high but variable on relatively rare, migrant belted kingfishers in both segments; 2) more variable on species that sustained lower relative intensity of predation in the usually turbid segment; and 3) zero on some species that were relatively abundant during pre-nesting or nesting periods, such as gadwalls (Anas strepera), buffleheads (Bucephalus albeola), and spotted sandpipers (Actitis macularia), respectively (Tables 1 and 2).
The Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis macularia, Charadriiformes: Scolopacidae) breeds primarily in eastern North America, occasionally south to the extreme northern portions of the Gulf states (Oring et al.
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