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(Arch.) an iron bar or beam having a section resembling a flat gutter or channel.

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CATIA V5R advantage is its transparency, icons are placed directly on the sides of the active desktop, or you can activate them via the main menu View-Toolbars.
The program invokes Windows' Active Desktop to show the picture and caption as wallpaper, providing your computer is connected to the Internet.
Active Tray lets users make more effective use of their system tray by turning it into an extension of their active desktop, with more power and flexibility.
Screen Calendar allows you to create wallpaper with a built-in active desktop calendar and, beginning with version 3.0, to organize your desktop icons in various useful and stylish ways.
And if you've engaged the Active Desktop toolbar, you'll find a Show Desktop icon that can toggle between Minimize All Windows and Restore.
The computer-based learning tool teaches consumers and students the newest features built into Windows 98, including such topics as the Active Desktop, the integration of Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, using DVDs and the Maintenance Wizard.
Under friendly questioning from Microsoft lawyer Richard Pepperman, Poole retold the story to the court about how its Active Desktop push technology ended up failing because users indicated - through their lack of usage - that they were comfortable with the browser model and did not want another way to view content in HTML.

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