active duty

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ac′tive du′ty

the status of full-time military service: on active duty. Also called ac′tive serv′ice.

active duty

Full-time duty in the active military service of the United States. This includes members of the Reserve Components serving on active duty or full-time training duty, but does not include full-time National Guard duty. Also called AD. See also active duty for training; inactive duty training.
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The program makes it possible for active duty soldiers to stay in touch with loved one for free, according to 59th District state Rep.
Members of the National Guard and Reserves frequently receive higher pay while on active duty than they do in their civilian jobs.
The deployment will consist of 1,100 active duty troops and 1,000 Texas National Guard troops and add to the roughly 4,500 active duty and Guard troops already at the border, bringing the total to 6,600, The Hill reported.
* Automobile discount: All auto insurers must provide active duty military personnel based in Louisiana a 25% premium discount on any motor vehicle owned by that person as directed by La R.S.
"While the Air Force Reserve will constantly continue to recruit the best and brightest non-prior service members to join our ranks, we are making a concentrated effort to recruit those prior-service members coming off active duty who want to continue to serve as Reserve Citizen Airmen," said Lt.
After learning to fly many variants of the KC-130 aircraft on active duty, he joined the Reserves in 1993 and has matched his skills to the MAW's evolution for the better part of his Reserve career, giving him a unique perspective on the MAW.
Following the sporting clays event, which included active duty military service members and other veterans among its 214 shooters, attendees were treated to an Eastern Shore lunch.
Essentially, the evidence you're looking for must establish that symptoms of MS began on active duty or within seven years of discharge (there is also a provision for those whose symptoms began prior to active duty and were worsened by active duty service).
Active duty military can order one of five free care packages that will be sent to the person of their choice during the month of May.
Insurance companies will also be prevented from suspending disability insurance benefits to policyholders called to active duty, and from cancelling disability insurance for non-payment of premium while the insured is on active duty.
That the Department of Medical Assistance Services shall amend eligibility criteria for waivers supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to allow the dependent of an active duty member of the military who was added to the waiting list for services through such waivers while he was a resident of the commonwealth to maintain his position on the waiting list following a transfer of the active duty military member to an assignment outside of the Commonwealth, so long as the active duty military member maintains the Commonwealth as his legal residence to which he intends to return following completion of military service.

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