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the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) a commercial company


(Computer Science)
a. a process in which a computer output is converted direct to microfiche or film, esp 35 or 16 millimetre film
b. (as modifier): a COM machine.
[(C)omputer (O)utput on (M)icrofilm]



Comedy Central (a cable television channel).


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it and its variants meant “with,” “together with,” and denoted joint or simultaneous action ( colloquy; confer; convene), partnership ( colleague), union ( coitus; colleat; combine), or enclosure (content), or marked the completed nature of the action of a verb (conclude; confection); com- is used before b, p, m (combine; compare; commingle).
For variants before other sounds, see co-, col-1, con-, cor-.
[< Latin cum with]


1. Commander.
2. Commission.
3. Commissioner.
4. Committee.
5. Commodore.
6. Commonwealth.


1. comedy.
2. comma.
3. command.
4. commander.
5. commerce.
6. commercial.
7. commission.
8. commissioner.
9. committee.
10. common.
11. commonly.
12. communications.
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In order to view this content, many of these "apps" require the user to first install a video codec or ActiveX component, which makes the user into easy prey for encrypted, password-protected threats.
XMetaL XMAX is an embeddable ActiveX component designed for developers to integrate structured authoring capabilities into custom environments.
If the development platform you are using does not come with built-in serial communications tools, but it supports ActiveX components, you can also purchase (or download a freeware) third-party serial communications ActiveX component and drop it into your application.
VCTest is a Visual C++ application that uses the ActiveI/O ActiveX component for Seal/O to display a series of switches, allowing the user to graphically view and modify digital inputs and outputs.
Online Image Editor features an ActiveX component so that the users can carry out the online image manipulation using a standard web browser.
Waters has also partnered with Advanced Chemistry Development to integrate its ActiveX component with [Millenium.
The UC Irvine team quickly realized that due to the intensive data processing during acquisition, no off-the-shelf software program or ActiveX component would offer the functionalities and the level of performance to rapidly process incoming frames.
This involves JustSystems' XML editor XMetaL Author and its embeddable ActiveX component XMetaL XMAX being integrated into the empolis:Content Lifecycle Suite (e:CLS), a component content management system for XML and other formats.
Free ActiveX component objects are available at its web site for download.