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Used to express excited approval.
A cry of "olé."



abbreviation for
(Computer Science) object linking and embedding: a system for linking and embedding data, images, and programs from different sources


an exclamation of approval or encouragement customary at bullfights, flamenco dancing, and other Spanish or Latin American events
a cry of olé
[Spanish, from Arabic wa-llāh, from wa and + allāh God]



interj., n., pl. o•les. interj.
1. (used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement.)
2. a cry of “olé.”
[1920–25; < Sp (h)ole, probably of expressive orig.]


a suffix found in French loanwords of Latin origin, usu. diminutives, and later in adaptations of words borrowed directly from Latin or in New Latin coinages: areole; centriole; vacuole.
[< French < Latin -olus, -ola, -olum, variant of -ulus -ule with stems ending in a vowel]


or -ol

a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds, esp. five-membered, unsaturated rings (carbazole; indole; thiazole) and, less systematically, aromatic ethers (phenetole).
[< French < Latin oleum oil]


(Comput) abbr of object linking and embeddingOLE nt
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lt;p>One of the TippingPoint vulnerabilities, found in the ActiveX control used by IE to display Excel spreadsheets, has been exploited by hackers for more than a month to launch "drive-by" attacks from malicious or hijacked sites.
A good example of a buggy ActiveX control produced by this flawed template came to light last month, when Microsoft warned that attackers were exploiting a flawed Video ActiveX control to break into Windows systems when users visited booby-trapped Web sites with IE.
With the ability to be placed into any new or existing HMI package, the ActiveX control provides immediate access to the company's DISOCONT[R] control, reducing customer integration time, and provides all the important feeder functions, parameters, and calibration set up through the GUI.
ACTIVEX control - An ActiveX control is a set of computer system rules that govern how applications share information.
Although the browser prompts users as to whether they wish to run an ActiveX control or Java applet, a user who is unaware of the risks could potentially infect the corporate network by downloading a control from a distrusted site.
Neusciences, a developer of intelligent technology products and solutions, has announced an ActiveX control for use in decision tree-based applications.
Best in anything is, of course, relative and subjective, but there are certain criteria that make one plug-in or ActiveX control objectively better than another.