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n. pl. ac·tu·ar·ies
A statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums.

[Latin āctuārius, secretary of accounts, from ācta, records, from neuter pl. past participle of agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ac′tu·ar′i·al (-âr′ē-əl) adj.
ac′tu·ar′i·al·ly adv.


(ˌæk tʃuˈɛər i əl)
1. of or pertaining to actuaries.
2. computed by actuaries: actuarial tables.
ac`tu•ar′i•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.actuarial - of or relating to the work of an actuaryactuarial - of or relating to the work of an actuary


A. ADJactuarial
B. CPD actuarial tables NPLtablas fpl actuariales


[ˌæktʃuˈɛəriəl] adjactuariel(le)


adj (Insur) → versicherungsmathematisch, versicherungsstatistisch
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Axene said the inclusion of DV's specialised systems engineering and IT expertise expands AHP's offering through the integration of actuarial science with the practice of medicine.
Members of Verisks highly skilled workforce hold nearly 2,000 masters degrees, doctorates, and advanced degrees in predictive analytics, data science, actuarial science, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, economics, engineering, meteorology, and GIS mapping.
Insurans Islam TAIB recognises that increased technical know how, specifically in the field of actuarial science, enables them to better serve their customers through effective and efficient products as well as sound financial management.
Intuition on the underwriter's behalf is an outmoded tool; sound, transparent actuarial science has replaced it.
To date, more than 100 undergraduate students majoring in risk management, insurance, actuarial science and business have received merit-based Spencer scholarships in Mr.
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Included are company directories, almanacs, databases, websites, legal resources, and industry-specific guides that cover: All major lines of insurance, including property/casualty, life, health, and reinsurance; Social Insurance, including Social Security, unemployment insurance, and pensions; The insurance policy from the standpoint of practitioners, regulators, and consumers; Insurance law and regulations; All areas of risk management including financial, technical and intellectual property; Actuarial science and its current applications to financial engineering; Archival and historical material
PLANS: Double major in computer science and actuarial science at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
SFU's Joe Thompson, a psychology doctoral student, associate professor Mark Blair, Thompson's thesis supervisor, and Andrew Henrey, a statistics and actuarial science doctoral student, analyzed the digital performance records of 3,305 StarCraft 2 players, aged 16 to 44.