ad loc

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ad loc.

at or to the place.
[< Latin ad locum]
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Literally, at least; clearly something like a surgical knife is meant (Anderson 1997, ad loc.
On the passage, see Oldenberg 1909: 116 and Geldner 1951-57 ad loc.
The usual explanation is that of, for example, Denniston ad loc.
15 This blurring appears in the interpretation of the temporal clause by Puech in the Bude edition, ad loc.
68) E una congettura accettata da Ribbeck 1871 ad loc.
53) For the distinction between the two classes of women ad loc, see Herbert-Brown 2009:125-26, 128-30.
over the body of Patroclus; we should note that the gesture is extravagant even in that epic world; elsewhere in Homer, `heroic mourners do not go farther than tearing their hair' (Leaf ad loc.
15 concerns a speech for the Bithynians, but both Van den Hout and Haines ad loc.
Giarratano, Frassinetti and Hanson retain F (defended also by Keulen 2003 ad loc.
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