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Another day, another dollar
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Noun1.Adad - Babylonian god of storms and wind
Babylon - the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia
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The investigators used historical data to estimate the age of symptom onset in the ADAD subjects, and thus extrapolated the imaging findings to reflect the pathologic course.
PESHAWAR -- Mohammad Ammad upset National Champion Adad Ullah to clinch the trophy of the PSB Talent Hunt Age Group Squash Championship played here at PSB Coaching Center Squash Courts on Thursday.
ADAD is hoping his latest fundraising initiative will hit the right note for Birmingham Children's Hospital - after recording a song about his daughter Kiahna who has had corrective heart surgery five times at the hospital in the last eight years.
Comparando los resultados de la presion en el ADAD (2269, 47 [+ o -]246,43) y en el ADAC (1484,39 [+ o -]126,97) se encontraron diferencias estadisticamente significativas (p<0,05) de forma que al ir descalzo aumento la presion en el antepie.
Adad of three has been charged dad of three has been charged with the murder of his five–weekold daughter and attempting to kill a baby boy.
Segun Ilia Adad Infante Trejo, estudiante de filosofia en la UNAM detenido el 2 de octubre del ano pasado, preso seis meses y liberado por las violaciones al debido proceso, el proposito era mostrar carteles, mas no interrumpir el discurso ni reventar el informe de la presidenta de la CDHDF.
DAD has told of his pride after completing an epic cycling challenge in memory of his ADAD has told of his pride after completing an epic cycling challenge in memory of his tragic daughter.
Khyber Agency parliamentarians Haji Shahji Gul Afridi who was elected from NA 45 and Nasir Khan Afridi, elected from NA 46, were accompanied by large number of people hailing from Bara Tehsil and persons from the media, visited from Bara to Doger (main Bara road, situated in Saba tribes to Kalang road in the Akhail tribe area including Thry Adad, link road to Kalang and Podierian Road).
uk/liverpool ADAD Bloom Festival 2013 Evening performances featuring works by Movema, Lamin Dumbuya, Afro Roots, BrazUKa and more.
YOU SAY I wawawawawawantntntntnt dededed to your I d o dd t our wawawawawantntntntntededed dad if advi f adad add to h 16 ld advice for the 16-year-gir girl y r rl a y g dvice 16 year old girlrl w o was worr ou g who was worried about being in the h i d b b i i th s me c sses a co ge as t g l e o same classes at college as the girls who s a e y g er are bullying her.
Pero aqui, puesta al servicio del arte contemporaneo (en obras como la de Adad Hannah, Mirroring the Tamayo, que formo parte de la exposicion "Primer Acto"), pierde su fuerza y se convierte en algo que no pasa de ser anecdotico.
Loved husband and soul mate of Elan, beloved father of Virginia, inspirational Adad (grandfather) to Joseph, loved and respected future father-in-law of Gareth and cherished lap for Ronnie.