Adak Island

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A·dak Island

An island of southwest Alaska in the central Aleutian Islands. It was an important World War II military base.
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Rainbow trout were trapped in one stream at Adak Island; rainbow trout were introduced to Adak during the 1990s (Palmer, 1995).
From June to August in 2011 and 2012, we measured the frequency and intensity of aggression across a range of group sizes through focal animal sampling of 170 caribou (64 males and 106 females) on Adak Island in the Aleutian Archipelago, Alaska.
On a winter waterfowl adventure on Adak Island, my hunting partner, Mark Pfost, and I were hosting a 14-year-old neighbor boy, Andy, on his first-ever hunt.
Tutiakoff has lived and worked all over Alaska, from the North Slope to Adak Island. Tutiakoff's Athabascan and Yup'ik heritage, paired with her personal and professional involvement with the Alaska Native community, has provided her with a unique statewide perspective on life in Alaska.
Here we document Lepidion in Alaska for the first time, based on the presence of 2 individuals observed in underwater video footage collected with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) southeast of Adak Island.
You are transported to Adak Island on the edge of the Bering Sea when a baby survives a high temperature to thrive in this frozen place.
The call came in at 1800 (Alaska Standard Time) for a medevac of a 39-year-old male from the M/V Global Forwarder (a cargo tanker), located 250 miles south of Adak Island, Alaska.
Several fighter planes landing on nearby Adak Island rammed into parked B-24s that were invisible in the fog.
EOD Technology Inc., Lenoir City, TN, is being awarded a $7,628,326 firm-flied-price contract for Operable Unit B-1 Munitions Clearance at the former Naval Complex Adak Island, AK.
World War II interrupted the ballplayer's career, and Private Asinof, who became Lieutenant Asinof with the help of an old buddy named Hank Greenberg, was posted to Adak Island, far out in the Aleutian chain, to defend our interests in the north Pacific.
As you wish to have your Convention at a central point that would be to the greatest advantage of all Chapters, I might point out that Adak Island is the most central, geographically speaking, as it is almost on the 180 [degrees] meridian thereby being both close to the East and to the West.
The boat passed the mile-stone 188 miles out of the Russian port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy on the way to Adak Island in the Aleutians.