Adamawa Plateau

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A·da·ma·wa Plateau

An extensive upland of west-central Africa in north-central Cameroon and eastern Nigeria.
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We estimated sensitivity and specificity of herdsman-reported FMD prevalence in the Adamawa plateau, Cameroon, and compared herdsmen's estimates with serologic test results.
In fact, the river starts in the Adamawa Plateau in northern Cameroon, from where it flows west, and through the town of Garoua and the Lagdo Reservoir, into Nigeria south of the Mandara Mountains, and on to Jimeta, Ibi, and Makurdi before meeting West Africa's longest river, the Niger, at Lokoja.
Lake Nyos lies in the throat of an old volcanic line in the Oku volcano field that runs from Pagalu island in the Atlantic Ocean through Mount Cameroon to the Adamawa Plateau in Nigeria.