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 (ăd′əmz), Charles Samuel 1912-1988.
American cartoonist known for the macabre humor and Gothic settings of his cartoons, many of which first appeared in the New Yorker.


, Jane 1860-1935.
American social reformer and pacifist who founded Hull House (1889), a care and education center for the poor of Chicago. She shared the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize.


(Biography) Jane. 1860–1935, US social reformer, feminist, and pacifist, who founded Hull House, a social settlement in Chicago: Nobel peace prize 1931


(ˈæd əmz)

Jane, 1860–1935, U.S. social worker: Nobel peace prize 1931.
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Jane Addams reminds us, "True peace is not merely the absence of war, it is the presence of justice.
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