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 (ăd′ĭ-sən), Joseph 1672-1719.
English essayist whose witty and elegant works appeared in The Tatler, founded by Richard Steele in 1709, and The Spectator, founded by Addison and Steele in 1711.

Ad′di·so′ni·an (-sō′nē-ən) adj.
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(Biography) Joseph. 1672–1719, English essayist and poet who, with Richard Steele, founded The Spectator (1711–14) and contributed most of its essays, including the de Coverley Papers
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(ˈæd ə sən)

1. Joseph, 1672–1719, English essayist and poet.
2. Thomas, 1793–1860, English physician.
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Alternatively, a dog may be going along fine, maybe with occasional bouts of a sensitive stomach, and then have an Addisonian crash or crisis.
In the case of 75 to 95 percent of Addisonian dogs, the problem begins when the immune system damages the adrenal glands so that they can no longer release their important hormones In a small subset, only the glucocorticoids are affected.
Addisonian pernicious anemia is associated with life-long and irreparable loss of intrinsic factor secretion, which is exemplary of a true autoimmune damage to the gastric mucosa; in contrast, mucosal changes of gluten sensitivity are not due to autoimmune destruction as they are reversible.
The court had heard in the weeks before her death she had suffered six 'Addisonian crises', which caused her to collapse unconscious.
The hearing was told Callum was likely already suffering an undiagnosed Addisonian crisis, linked to the rare adrenal condition Addison's Disease, hours after his discharge from hospital with "Dioralyte".
Majority of the male patients with HIV infection with oral candidiasis had Addisonian type of oral pigmentation involving the hard and soft palates and also the buccal mucosa irrespective of their smoking habits.
However, next to other therapeutic side effects, treatment of CS and CD often leads to hypocortisolism necessitating hydrocortisone replacement therapy and bearing the potential complication of life-threatening Addisonian crisis [13].
Walling, "Addisonian Crisis precipitated by thyroxine therapy: a complication of type 2 autoimmune polyglandular syndrome," Southern Medical Journal, vol.
Primary polydipsia Central diabetes insipidus Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus Obstructive uropathy Renal failure Conn's syndrome Addisonian crisis Diabetes mellitus Hypokalemia Hypercalciuria Hypercalcemia Bartter syndrome Fanconi syndrome Sickle cell anemia Anorexia nervosa Table 2: Interpretation of serum and urine osmolality in the differential diagnosis of polyuria and polydipsia after the water deprivation test.
Due to the severity of a possible hemodynamic instability seen by an Addisonian crisis, every patient with signs or symptoms of PA should immediately be treated with steroids (4).
The Addisonian chastity of his style--very different from the orotundity and encrustedness favored by the nineteenth century at large--is one key to his success, and so too his immersion in, and innate sympathy with, the Augustan culture of moderation and cui bono common sense.