n.1.A foolish or dull-witted fellow.
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They are addle-brained nobodies trying to elevate their profiles on innocent blood.
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has blamed an addle-brained algorithm for allowing a non-profit investigative news outlet to post ads targeting users who hate Jews.
The other two ladies are unhappily-single Alison Brie, who places her faith in the internet and uses a bowl of peanuts to explain why it's hard to find a good man even among eight million New Yorkers, and happily-single, addle-brained Rebel Wilson who gets drunk, has casual sex, cures a hangover by snorting Tylenol, and pees in Leslie's kitty litter when she wakes up wasted ("That's a Zen garden!" "The cat has a Zen garden?").
Criticizing the widespread anti-Islam demonstrations in Germany, President Joachim Gauck has called the people joining the protests "addle-brained." In his speech made at a refugees camp in Magdeburg Gauck said: "These kinds of demonstrations are of no benefit to anyone.
Some years ago, a student named Al was described by his teachers as "mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams." Another student, Tom, was a poor speller whose teacher called him addle-brained and complained that he asked too many questions.
And, in a double irony, even those dreamers probably would have condemned an unemployment rate of 4 percent for its inflationary potential, lest they be considered both addle-brained and heretical.
Paul Armstrong (played by helmer) and addle-brained blonde wife Betty (Fay Masterson) heading to a remote SoCal cottage.
Hunters and addle-brained egg collectors did their best to kill them off.