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 (ə-dôrst′, ăd′ôrst′)
adj. Heraldry
Oriented back-to-back, as of two animals or objects.

[ad- + Latin dorsum, back + -ed, on the model of French adossé, back-to-back, from past participle of adosser, to lean against, place back-to-back, from Old French : a-, to, towards (from Latin ad-) + dos, back (from Latin dorsum).]
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placed back to back
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Christie's London's The Exceptional Sale offered the addorsed pair of marble lions made for the foot of the tomb of Charles V of France, carved by Andre Beauneveu around 1364-66.
This suggests that the monument originally contained two addorsed wolves, one facing in each direction.
(vegetative) innovation zone, stolons/runners with bracts, addorsed prophyll; 4.
The figure of Alexander is large in scale compared with many of the others, and shows him seated on a kind of stool anchored on the backs of two addorsed griffins.