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Import contacts from the device AddressBook via several import options
Miyowa's InTouch5 client aggregates Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Myspace, Gtalk and AIM clients into the Social Dashboard or Rich AddressBook.
Given these developments, cellity has announced that it will release its trailblazing addressbook 2.
Because all Bluetooth devices automatically detect one another's presence when their current 33-foot range, a PDA can be set to automatically update the addressbook or calendar in a desktop PC when the owner enters his or her office and vice versa.
Pictures and contact information can be imported from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook and Mac AddressBook.
Take your contacts and calendar on the road with iCal, AddressBook & Outlook
Sharing of AddressBook among Multiple Mobile Phones Made Available
Members can search for their friends, family, or acquaintances using the search option in the Addressbook.
Presence Development Environment - allowing operators and third parties to easily integrate Presence into existing and new services, such as Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC), Dynamic Addressbook, Multiplayer Gaming and Live Content using iFollow Presence Server.
The most popular features during the preview included: AddressBook, Audibles, Avatars, Display Images, and the LAUNCHcast Internet radio service; demonstrating that people were already exploring the powerful and expressive features of the new service.
AddressBook and the ability to be seen by certain friends of choice through the Stealth mode feature, provide an easy, efficient and fun way for people to manage relationships and communicate in real time.