musculus adductor longus

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Noun1.musculus adductor longus - the long adductor muscle of the thigh
adductor, adductor muscle - a muscle that draws a body part toward the median line
thigh - the part of the leg between the hip and the knee
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The NEPs of gracilis muscle branch (GMB), adductor longus muscle branch (ALMB), and adductor brevis muscle branch (ABMB) were revealed by cutting the origin of adductor longus muscle at pubic bone and flipping the muscle distally.
In the inguinal group, under sterile conditions, the needle was inserted at a 30-degree angle to the skin in cephalad direction at the inguinal crease, 0.5 cm below the midpoint of the line drawn between the femoral artery and the inner margin of the adductor longus muscle. After the identification of the visible adductor longus muscle contraction, 5 mL of 1% lidocaine was injected (for anterior branch block).
1: vastus medialis muscle; 2: rectus femoris muscle; 3: vastus lateralis muscle; 4: adductor longus muscle; 5: tibialis anterior muscle; 6: peroneus longus muscle; 7: patellar tendon; 8: pes anserinus bursae; 9: popliteous muscle; 10: iliacus muscle; 11: quadrates lumborum muscle; 12: supraspinous ligaments, area between L5-S1 and S1-S2; 13, 14: extensor digitorum brevis; 15: extensor hallucis longus; 16: flexor halluces longus; C: deltoids.
"He has been diagnosed with a fibrillar rupture in the middle third of the adductor longus muscle of the mentioned leg.
He has been diagnosed with a strain to the middle third of the adductor longus muscle in his left leg.