Adelges abietis

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Noun1.Adelges abietis - a variety of adelgidAdelges abietis - a variety of adelgid      
Adelges, genus Adelges - type genus of the Adelgidae: plant lice
adelgid - any of various insects that feed and form galls on conifers
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(1999) found that the abundance of galls of Adelges abietis (L.) (Homoptera: Adelgidae) was higher on intermediate-sized trees and shoots of the white spruce Picea glauca (Moench) Voss (Pinaceae).
and Free.); and a galler, the spruce gall adelgid, Adelges abietis (L.).
Effects of feeding by moderate-to-high densities of Zeiraphera canadensis and Adelges abietis on Picea glauca were evaluated at a seed orchard at Pokiok, New Brunswick, Canada (46 [degrees] 7 [minutes] N, 67 [degrees] 15 [minutes] W) in 1991 and at Queensbury, a seed orchard located [approximately]15 km east of Pokiok, in 1994.