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His responsibilities grew to include strategic sales implantation in new system startups representing systems such as Century Cable, Adelphia Cable & US Cable.
market as part of its acquisition last year of Adelphia Cable, is offering a triple-play package of cable TV, high-speed Internet and unlimited nationwide digital phone over a broadband line for as low as $110.
Trinidad is now operating TSJC-TV on Adelphia Cable channel 63, giving students in the multimedia arts program a chance to produce, direct and act in shows.
cable providers: Adelphia Cable Communications, Comcast Cable Communications, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable.
In Fitch's opinion RGU growth during 2007 will benefit from the ongoing integration of the former Adelphia cable systems into Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corporation as the Adelphia cable systems are brought up to typical Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corporation operating metrics.
KGI also completed a comprehensive marketing audit for 360 Adelphia cable towers, identifying new collocation revenue opportunities for KGI client, Time Warner Cable.
Palmdale will be airing two fireworks-related shows on its channel 27 on the Adelphia cable network starting July 1.
Adelphia Cable first deployed the new VOD integration capability in late 2005.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Comcast is officially introducing itself to Colorado Springs and Trinidad residents who previously were served by Adelphia Cable with the unveiling of new signs and logos on its buildings, service vehicles and employee uniforms.
The event also will be covered on Antelope Valley Adelphia cable Channel 3.
Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), in their letter to the FCC, recognize the potential negative impact of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner acquisition of Adelphia Cable on fair competition in the marketplace.
He also will oversee the integration of the IT organizations in former Time Warner and Adelphia cable systems recently acquired by Comcast.