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Noun1.Adenium - one species: succulent shrub or tree of tropical Africa and Arabia
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Apocynaceae, dogbane family, family Apocynaceae - chiefly tropical trees or shrubs or herbs having milky juice and often showy flowers; many are sources of drugs
Adenium multiflorum, Adenium obesum, desert rose, impala lily, kudu lily, mock azalia - South African shrub having a swollen succulent stem and bearing showy pink and white flowers after the leaves fall; popular as an ornamental in tropics
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Yellow Door Energy, the company he co-founded with Adenium Energy Capital in 2015 to fill existing energy gaps in the Middle Eastern solar market, is headed for greater expansion after securing $65mn funding from global investors early this year.
Tenders are invited for Mo ga attached to c 1 hutment hukumi mai marg and pmo sectt under sub divn 2 hd1 cpwd new delhi dg 201920 sh providing and displaying of different kind of ornamental plants in cement pots adenium bougainvillea furcaria cycus etc at different locations
The focus right now is to effectively expand our business in the region." The recent investment came from International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank member, Mitsui & Co, Ltd, Equinor Energy Ventures (Equinor), Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (Apicorp), and UAE-based Adenium Energy Capital, the founding investor of Yellow Door Energy since 2015.
The investment comes from International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank member, Mitsui, Equinor Energy Ventures, Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (Apicorp), and UAE-based Adenium Energy Capital (Adenium), the founding investor of Yellow Door Energy since 2015.
The pervasiveness of living cells in the wood of Apocynaceae may explain how some clades of the family, such as Adenium, have transitioned into succulence.
I've made prints of bougainvillea, frangipani and the ubiquitous desert rose (adenium) that grow in pots everywhere in Doha and are in bloom in March and April.
In that initial launch, Vic Chin who is famous for growing beautiful ornamental plants was the resource person who demonstrated how to graft adenium. This is the flowering small tree that is often mistakenly called Bangkok kalachuchi by many Filipinos.
(Activity: Anthelmintic, Analgesic), 2- Adenium obesum (Activity: Antitumor, Antimicrobial), 3- Aegle marmelos (Activity: Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory), 4- Ageratum Sp.
The medicinal species on display included Adenium obesum known to have anti-tumour/antimicrobial properties, Aegle marmelos (anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory), Allamanda blanchetii (antimicrobial, antioxidants) and Allamanda cathartica (anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour).
Names of some important medicinal flora that were displayed include Acalypha, Adenium obesum Aegle marmelos, Ageratum and others.
Chen et al., "Silver nanoparticles synthesized from adenium obesum leaf extract induced DNA damage, apoptosis and autophagy via generation of reactive oxygen species," Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, vol.
Africa del Este Nerium Oleandri Asia, Europa Thevetia neriifolia Mexico Adenium Boehmianum Africa del Sud Eritrophleum guinense Africa Central Helleborus niger Europa Antiaris toxicarla Java, India Periploea graeea Mar Negro Scilla maritima Europa OGCODEIA TERNSTROEMIIFLORA Colombia CALOTROPIS PROCERA Colombia Planta Principios activos Digitalis purpurea y lanata Glucosidos Strophanthus hispidus y gratus Glucosidos Adonis vernalis Glucosidos Convallaria maialis Glucosidos Acoeanthera Ouabaio, Deflersi, ete.