n.1.The act of equalizing; act or result of making adequate; an equivalent.
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Nous considerons ceci, comme etant d'autres etapes, a travers lesquelles nous poursuivons notre parcours de developpement de l'Armee nationale populaire, de la modernisation de ses aptitudes au combat, a la hauteur de la grandeur de l'Algerie, et en adequation avec les differents defis de dimensions et de desseins multiples,
En plus des methodologies et des conduites a entreprendre en vue de parvenir a une scolarite edifiante, en adequation avec les exigences de l'emploi.
Shylock's bond, representing 'the principle of calculation and proportionate adequation that marks the lost penitential satisfactory' (111), falls victim to the Christians' plenty.
That is why the success of the adequation between the fight against terrorism and the guarantee of the rule of law represents today is a key challenge for the democratic societies, she said.
Taking as his fundamental starting point the realistic assumption that what we know are the very things themselves (as opposed to their mere representations, or anything less than the things most people think they know when they say they know them), Ross defends the AristotelianThomistic position that knowledge is an adequation of the knower to the known, a cognitional identification of knower and known in the mind of the knower.
D'apres le leader d'Ennahdha, Rached Ghannouchi, le systeme educatif n'est pas en adequation avec les besoins du marche de l'emploi.
De l'avis des professionnels de l'enseignement superieur, ces etablissements ont reussi le pari de proposer aux etudiants des filieres et des specialites en parfaite adequation avec les exigences du marche du travail.
Mais le Basque est un joueur d'avenir, en adequation avec la politique de Wenger.
are, if he wants to put an end to ideological conflicts; whereas, on the other hand, the adequation theory--that truth is based on the adequation of propositions to facts--relies on the belief that Hobbes' philosophy is adequate to reality, i.
In place of symmetry or adequation of theological knowledge, there is radical dissymmetry and "in-adequation" Whereas Habermas is against any relationships that are asymmetrical or nonreciprocal, both Adorno and Levinas think that attempts at symmetry always do the other an injustice.
Modernist theory presupposes that mimesis, the adequation of an image to a referent, can be bracketed or suspended .
In a bold and original introduction, he defines clearly his primary notion of 'impossible enactment' as 'a constant textual exploration of limits of an adequation between writing and excess, which is replaced in the later work by a more ad hoc series of encounters between writing and extremity whose ambiguities map the line of uncertainty by which the encounter is characterised' (p.