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Noun1.Aditi - a Hindu goddess who releases from sin or diseaseAditi - a Hindu goddess who releases from sin or disease; mother of the Adityas
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" Non cuivis contingit adire Corinthum ," quoth Alleyne.
I've had interesting and insightful experiences visiting old textiles factories in Kaduna State, adire dyers in Ogun State, and Aso Oke weavers weaving on a beach near Lagos State.
Maki Oh's Apparel reinterprets adire, traditionally made by Yoruba women in southwest Nigeria, using indigo resist-dyeing techniques.
The famous 'Adire' cloth created by Yoruba women painting the designs with cassava starch on cotton cloth with a palm frond of feather, and then dipping the cloth several times to get the dark blue colour before chipping off the starch and dipping one more time to get the light blue.
Adire Ochalla from Ethiopia carried the day with victory in 15.77m as D.
She has been raising awareness of traditional Yoruba adire textiles for half a century--the paintings she shows at the fair, collaborations with the artist Tola Wewe, combine patterns and textures she has adapted from adire styles with Wewe's Yoruba figures and symbols.
"We could pay them better, we could give them more clerks."<br />Jari Askins, the administrative director for the Supreme Court, said that it is no secret Oklahoma is one of only two states using the system, but implementing the change within the measure's time frame would be difficult in terms of logistics, and that the courts' history together doesn't show adire need for jurisdiction clarification.<br />HJR 1051 would have, if passed, required the courts to consolidate within one year.
The designs are carefully selected to reflect the vibrant traditional African patterns such as Adire, Ankara, Kente, Batik, and many others.
Korhogo Cloth (Ivory Coast), Adire (Nigeria), Bogolanfini ('mud cloth' from Mali), Kente (Ghana), and Dogon Cloth (Mali, Burkina Faso) are examples of woven cloths that are authentically African and desired to be named as such.
Creditum est, insepultos non ante ad inferos redigi, quam iusta perceperint, secundum homericum Patroclum funus in somnis de Achille flagitantem, quod non alias adire portas inferum posset, arcentibus eum longe animabus sepultorum.
Nigerians wear all categories of textiles fabrics, like adire textile [3], Ankara [4].
by profession I am a scholler, & in wil do affect that which I could neuer effect in action, for faine would I haue some taste in the liberall sciences, but Non licet cuibis adire Corinthum, and therefore I content my selfe with a superficiall insight, and only satisfie my desire with the name of a Scholler, yet as blinde Baiard wil iumpe soonest into the mire, so haue I ventured afore many my betters, to put my selfe into the presse, and haue set foorth sundrie bookes in print of loue & such amourous fancies which some haue fauoured, as other haue misliked ([C2.sup.r]).