Adirondack chair

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Ad·i·ron·dack chair

An outdoor armchair having an angled back and seat made of wide, usually wooden slats.
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The Carefree Uncle Jacks Adirondack chair comes with a matching side table available and footrest.
Veronique Jarrell-King works with her mom, Janet King, to upcycle retro ski jackets and onesies into the perfect accessory for that Adirondack chair made from old skis: the Colorado Powder Pillow.
One was artist Laurie Carey's "Mitten Denim" Adirondack chair.
Peterson graciously accepted several tokens of appreciation such as a haircut at the Salon at BVT, a cribbage board crafted in the Manufacturing and Engineering Technology shop, and an Adirondack chair designed and built by Construction Technology students.
If you've ever wanted to learn how to identify wild edible plants or how to build your own Adirondack chair, the Whatcom Folk School might be for you.
The new products include the Adirondack Chair Pillow (pictured here), the Smiling Fish Pillow and the Sanibel Flip Flop Pillow.
They fluttered all around us, sometimes even landing on an arm of an Adirondack chair.
The landlord of 150 Varick Street, W&M Operating LLC, brokered the transaction on its own behalf, and Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty LLC acted for the sublandlord, Adirondack Chair Company, Inc.
viognier from Payne's winemaker girlfriend--and while away the afternoon nestled in an adirondack chair overlooking the river as mallards and blue herons parade past.
that lifted the Adirondack chair six inches into the air
I am too, comfortably ensconced in the middle of this wilderness to trade my Adirondack chair for a seat at the table of Third World poverty.
Proust and summer passed quickly, That same summer I reread James Schuyler's The Morning of the Poem and experienced an AIDS-panic-related sense of life's brevity; houseguest, I sat on an Adirondack chair in Southold, Long Island.