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Noun1.Adirondacks - a mountain range in northeastern New York StateAdirondacks - a mountain range in northeastern New York State; a popular resort area
Empire State, New York State, NY, New York - a Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies
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Florida, Adirondacks, Lakewood, Hot Springs, New York, and round again.
He was roused by the sound of a dinner-horn such as they used to blow at a summer-school he had once attended in the Adirondacks. Slowly he remembered that he was Harvey Cheyne, drowned and dead in mid-ocean, but was too weak to fit things together.
The first phase in the reconstruction/revitalization of the Frontier Town Campground in Essex County was completed in early October, a major step toward creating a Gateway to the Adirondacks at the site of a long-abandoned adventure theme park.
If you were to do a survey of hunters in the big woods of northern Maine, Vermont or the Adirondacks in New York, you would find many lever gun hunters.
His wife reported him missing, which prompted a week-long search including 250 people, helicopters, drones, K-9's units combing the Adirondacks.
AsRBR+TVBRhas reported, Ted Morgan's Saranac Lake Radio is selling off all of its broadcast interests and is exiting the business following a succession of financial difficulties tied to the AMs and FMs located in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York.
Below: Jack Leadley demonstrating his craft at the Festival of the Adirondacks, September 15, 1990, hosted by Crandall Public Library in City Park, Glens Falls, New York.
I narrowed the game's creation myth down to a couple of possibilities: That ga-ga either started in Israel at some undetermined time, or at an Adirondacks summer camp in the 1950s, where it was known as "Crosleyball."
Murray (Adirondack Murray), and his advocacy of the Adirondacks and outdoor life.
During this era, thousands of New Yorkers escaped the city to find themselves in the wilderness of the Adirondacks. The "North Country," as it was called, was easily accessible by train and yielded some of the Northeast's best whitetail hunting.
The resident population of the Adirondacks has remained remarkably consistent for the past century and a half.