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1. Something attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position. See Synonyms at attachment.
2. A person associated with another in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity.
3. Grammar A clause or phrase added to a sentence that, while not essential to the sentence's structure, amplifies its meaning, such as for several hours in We waited for several hours.
4. Logic A nonessential attribute of a thing.
1. Added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity: an adjunct clause.
2. Attached to a faculty or staff in a temporary or auxiliary capacity: an adjunct professor of history.

[From Latin adiūnctus, past participle of adiungere, to join to; see adjoin.]

ad·junc′tion (ə-jŭngk′shən) n.
ad·junc′tive adj.


(Grammar) (in phrase-structure grammar) the relationship between a branch of a tree representing a sentence to other branches to its left or right that descend from the same node immediately above
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Noun1.adjunction - an act of joining or adjoining thingsadjunction - an act of joining or adjoining things
joining, connexion, connection - the act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication); "the joining of hands around the table"; "there was a connection via the internet"
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Moreover, this pair of adjoint functors induces an adjunction on the homotopy categories: [(x).
Mazzola and Andreatta insist that music and mathematics involve common structures that can be related by the notion of adjoint functors.
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