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v. t.1.To yoke to.
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Yu, "An analog of the adjugate matrix for the outer inverse AT,S (2)," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Art.
where [bar.Q] is the adjugate matrix of Q, whose (f, j)th element is givenbythe (j,i)th cofactor of Q andsatisfies Q[bar.Q] = det(Q)[I.sub.N].
where [N.sub.e] is the number of elements in the polygonal surface, [J.sup.e] is the Jacobian of element e, Adj{*} is the adjugate, [absolute value of *] is the determinant, [[OMEGA].sub.e] is the domain of an element in the [epsilon] - [eta] plane, and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a modified Frobenius norm
Thus, [adj.sup.+] X - [adj.sup.-] X is the adjugate (classical adjoint) adj X.