Adlai Stevenson

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Noun1.Adlai Stevenson - United States politician and diplomat (1900-1968)Adlai Stevenson - United States politician and diplomat (1900-1968)
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His grandfather Adlai Stevenson was vice president of the U.
We both begun our involvement in American politics working for Adlai Stevenson in 1952 -- only I was an eleven-year-old distributing bumper stickers, and you were a senior member of Stevenson's economic team.
1952: Dwight D Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson in the US presidential election to become the USA's 34th president.
Louis after Obama because the rest of I-55 - from Lakeshore Drive in Chicago to the Tri-State Tollway - had already been named the Stevenson Expressway for the Illinois Governor and two-time presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson, and that name would not change.
He became the 34th US president after beating Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson in the race to the White House.
Abner Mikva's most famous story goes something like this: in the midst of his years as a law student at the University of Chicago, Mikva went to a local Democratic ward office to volunteer his services for the likes of Adlai Stevenson and Paul Douglas.
This haughty disdain calls to mind the late Adlai Stevenson.
The same is true of Adlai Stevenson, who dropped consecutive elections to Dwight Eisenhower.
The actress had been an activist since the 1940s, and campaigned for Adlai Stevenson and Ted Kennedy, among many others.
Six others tried and lost: James Cox, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Al Gore and John McCain.
Contributors included Walter Lippmann, Billy Graham, the poet Archibald MacLeish, and two-time presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson.
This was the race destined to put Adlai Stevenson, Paul Douglas, and Harry Truman into office, with Truman winning by a sliver.