Adlai Stevenson

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Noun1.Adlai Stevenson - United States politician and diplomat (1900-1968)Adlai Stevenson - United States politician and diplomat (1900-1968)
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1952: Dwight D Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson in the US presidential election to become the USA's 34th president.
The same is true of Adlai Stevenson, who dropped consecutive elections to Dwight Eisenhower.
Adlai Stevenson once said that patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the slow and steady dedication of a lifetime.
Six others tried and lost: James Cox, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Al Gore and John McCain.
Contributors included Walter Lippmann, Billy Graham, the poet Archibald MacLeish, and two-time presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson.
This was the race destined to put Adlai Stevenson, Paul Douglas, and Harry Truman into office, with Truman winning by a sliver.
She campaigned for Adlai Stevenson and George McGovern; she covered Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign; she did undercover investigative reporting on the Playboy Club.
The Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson summed things up earlier when a woman gushed: "Mr Stevenson, you have captured the vote of every thinking American.
DuFour's sense of outrage on behalf of students over the lack of uniform school policies toward grading, assessment, tutoring and parent communication followed him to Adlai Stevenson High School in Adlai Stevenson High School District 125, in Illinois.
And in his own version of Soviet-style disinformation, Kennedy leaked to his friend, the journalist Charlie Bartlett, his displeasure at Adlai Stevenson for having suggested just such an action.
That is how senator Dick Tuck in 1966, Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson in 1959 and even Ron Brown the Leither greeted the news of their electoral disasters.
In 1956, Eisenhower crushed Adlai Stevenson in their rematch -- two years after that, Democrats picked up 48 seats in the House and 13 in the Senate.