Admiral Dewey

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Noun1.Admiral Dewey - a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American WarAdmiral Dewey - a United States naval officer remembered for his victory at Manila Bay in the Spanish-American War
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The speaker sank into one of the big armchairs, and Admiral Dewey crouched beneath it; he did not snarl again, but he never took his eyes off Jurgis.
An hour's interview convinced me that he was the man for the occasion, and having communicated with Admiral Dewey, I accordingly arranged for him to join the latter, which he did at Cavite.
Across the Pacific, there was already a lot of speculations about the Philippines prior to McKinley's conversation with God and that mock naval battle between Admiral Dewey and the decrepit Spanish Armada at Manila Bay (1898).
He carried with him autographs of Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, Admiral Dewey and several presidents.
Most famously, he telegraphed Admiral Dewey to steam to the Asiatic coast and begin "offensive operations in the Philippine Islands" in the event of war.
Roosevelt demanded that the Germans accept arbitration on the issue, and when the Kaiser ignored the demand, Roosevelt gathered the squadrons along the Atlantic into a single fleet under the command of Admiral Dewey and had them run exercises in the Caribbean.
1899: Courthouse dedicated on May 1, Admiral Dewey Day, to commemorate Spanish-American War victory.
One of his early successes was images Johnston sent him of Admiral Dewey on his battleship after his victory in the Spanish-American War.
Admiral Dewey is a remarkable illustration of the adaptability of men of our race to the conditions and circumstances that unexpectedly surround and meet them.
The generation of the First World War was not made honorable by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, by General Pershing and Admiral Dewey.
On May 1, 1898, Admiral Dewey sank the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, in a war the Republican Administration of William McKinley was waging against the decrepit Spanish Empire.