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Noun1.Adolf Loos - Austrian architect (1870-1933)
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The compact show's thirteen large color prints all depict grids on habitually overlooked surfaces, such as ceilings, in landmark modernist buildings by Mies van der Rohe, Adolph Loos, Philip Johnson, and others.
After her discourse on Beller, Barnouw moves to a description of the artistic and intellectual contributions of Adolph Loos, Karl Kraus, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sigmund Freud, Ernst Mach, and Robert Musil.
When Adolph Loos hailed engineers, in 1898, as 'our Hellenes' he may have been speaking far less metaphorically that we have so far suspected, since his fellow-Viennese Otto Wagner had already looked to engineers to restore 'powerful horizontal lines, such as were prevalent in Antiquity.' Similarly, to admire the ranked cylinders of a grain silo was not so great a feat of visual athletics to those who had been trained to accept the lumpish columniation of the temples at Paestum.