a.1.Pertaining to Adonis; Adonic.
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The meter Dobson uses, though an eight-line rather than four-line stanza, plainly recalls the Sapphic stanza of the Odes by echoing the length and rhythm of its short last line in the short third and sixth line: "Commodious villas" is a good English stressed equivalent of that adonean line, terruit urbem (Odes 1.
In this poem Calverley, who was a considerable classical scholar and a master of meter in Latin, Greek, and English verse, and who had earlier published translations of a number of Horace's Odes, (25) matches Dobson in adopting a meter that recalls Horace's Sapphic stanza, this time in Horatian quatrains with a short last line again close to the adonean.
The first three lines of the strophe are sapphic hendecasyllables, and the fourth is an adonean (scanned as - U U - - ).