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Adj.1.antiadrenergic - relating to blocking or reducing adrenergic effects in the body
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Prazosin, an alpha-1 ([alpha]-1) adrenergic antagonist that is FDA-approved for hypertension and benign prostatic hypertrophy, has been studied for treating nightmares in PTSD.
Esmolol is an ultra short-acting selective B1 adrenergic antagonist that reduces heart rate and blood pressure.
The exclusion criteria included age extremes (18- 60 years), recent open or endoscopic surgical intervention, presence of ureteral stent, radiolucent calculus, past unsuccessful ESWL, renal impairment (Serum Creatinine level above normal range), urinary tract infection, those on calcium channel blocker or alpha adrenergic antagonist and corticosteroids, congenital urinary anomalies, severe vertebral malformation.
beta] Adrenergic receptors were purified from a digitonin extract of turkey erythrocytes by an affinity chromatography with a [beta] adrenergic antagonist as a ligand by Strosberg group (53) in France.
A pilot trial of the alpha-1 adrenergic antagonist, prazosin, for alcohol dependence.
The alpha adrenergic antagonist prazosin has shown promise in multiple case and chart reviews, open-label trials, and placebo-controlled studies.
The alpha2 adrenergic antagonist fipamezole improves quality of levodopa action in Parkinsonian primates.
1]- 2 mg at bedtime adrenergic antagonist Benztropine-terazosin Antimuscarinic plus Benztropine, 1 mg, combination [[alpha].
The measure to control these side were ready with us except alpha -2 adrenergic antagonist e.