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Noun1.Adrianopolis - a city in northwestern TurkeyAdrianopolis - a city in northwestern Turkey; a Thracian town that was rebuilt and renamed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian
Republic of Turkey, Turkey - a Eurasian republic in Asia Minor and the Balkans; on the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, the Young Turks, led by Kemal Ataturk, established a republic in 1923
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Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, located in the west and Turkey's European territory of Edirne (old Adrianopolis), has been operating in the city.
Adrianopolis, Paranai, 26-II-1962, Hatschbach 9289 (K).
Address for correspondence: James Lee Crainey, Laboratorio de Ecologia de Doenyas Transmissrveis na Amazonia (EDTA), Instituto Leonidas e Maria Deane (Fiocruz), Rua Teresina, 476, Adrianopolis, Manaus, Amazonas, CEP 69027-070, Brazil; email:
This narrative account for history buffs and historians chronicles the battle of Adrianopolis, when the Goths defeated the Roman infantry and started the decline of the Roman Empire.
(4) Adrianopolis, Bocaiuva do Sul, Cerro Azul, Doutor Ulysses, Itaperucu, Rio Branco do Sul e T unas do Parana.