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(ăd′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. ad·stra·ta (-strā′tə, -străt′ə)
An adstrate.

[ad- + stratum (on the model of substratum).]
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The team posits that Africanisms were the result of adstratal, rather than substratal influence because the initial formation of creoles took place rapidly and was followed by a prolonged process of bilingualism.
With regard to i), the most common assumption is that Norse and English were roughly adstratal in medieval England, with little if any difference in prestige (Hock 1986: 410, Townend 2002: 204, Trudgill 2011: 53).
Another avenue of approach would be to consider possible antecedents in Scottish Gaelic or at least adstratal effects from that source.