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(ăd′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. ad·stra·ta (-strā′tə, -străt′ə)
An adstrate.

[ad- + stratum (on the model of substratum).]
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The authors also suggest a substratum or adstratum source for the augmented forms in south Italy, citing Messapic and Greek as the possible source languages.
the plural genitive forms of the personal pronouns mede and tede and several words for natural objects, (2) the similarities which are the result of language contacts and adstratum phenomena--most common traits belong to this group, and (3) the phonological and morphosyntactic features that raise the question about the Livonian substratum in southern Parnumaa dialects, e.g.
Croatian loanwords in the Venetian dialect (Ljubiei 1993: 143-153) are an example of this, as is--at the adstratum level--the influence of Croatian on Romance idioms in the region of Istria.