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 (ä′də-wə, ăd′ə-)
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(ˈɑːdʊˌwɑː) or


(Placename) a town in N Ethiopia: Emperor Menelik II defeated the Italians here in 1896. Pop: 46 272 (2005 est). Italian name: Adua
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Igiaba Scego's spare Adua brings the decolonialization of Africa to life through the stories of Zoppe and his estranged daughter, Adua.
Il mito coloniale italiano attraverso i libri di viaggio di esploratori e missionari datPUnita alia sconfitta di Adua (1861-1896).
The locations listed by Du Bois were all conflict areas between the European colonizing powers directly inside or near continental Africa: Fashoda in the Egyptian Sudan, Adua in North Africa, Turkey in the Middle East bordered the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Aegeatic; Tripoli lie in Lybya, North Africa bordering the Mediterranean, Delagoa Bay was in Southeastern Mozambique, Agadir was in Southwest Morocco in North Africa and Algecirus was a port city in southern Spain opposite the rock of Gibraltar in North Africa.
Uno de los aspectos recurrentemente tratados por Juan Luis Martin en su seccion fue la situacion politica interna de Etiopia, asi como el <<falso odio>> que mantuvo el gobierno etiope respecto a Italia y a sus nacionales despues de Adua (28).
Le premier president de la Republique federale, le Sudiste chretien Olusegun Obasanjo avait pourtant brigue deux mandats consecutifs, conformement a la Constitution de 1999, et le Nordiste musulman Umaru Yar Adua, qui etait vice-president d'Obasanjo, devait logiquement effectuer, lui aussi, deux mandats avant de ceder le fauteuil a un chretien du sud.
primaries, many northerners argued that since Yar' Adua, a
He has had an almost accidental rise to power that culminated with him being thrust into office last year following the death of his predecessor, Umaru Yar Adua.
When the Adua Mountains, their sharp peaks a mouthful of jagged, uneven teeth, greeted us in the distance, I knew we were near the Eritrean border and would cross soon into Tigre province.
He was vice president under the ailing President Umaru Yar' Adua, who spent many months in Saudi Arabia seeking medical care for a kidney ailment in 2009 and 2010.
1896 Italia es derrotada en Adua y reconoce la independencia de Etiopia.
When late President Umaru Yar Adua was sworn in on May 29th, 2007, the ECA held $20billion, out of which $5 billion had been pledged by the three tiers of government to the National Independent Power Project (NIPP), which jointly own the account.
The twist this time is the unexpected emergence of Goodluck Jonathan following the death of President Yar' Adua, another fellow who never sought the highest office in the land but suddenly found himself the Number One Citizen at the behest of the same Obasanjo, who is alleged to have known at the time that the man was unlikely to survive even his first term in office.