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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: comedy - comedy that uses black humor
comedy - light and humorous drama with a happy ending
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The history of London is ingrained in me, because I had to repeat it for tourists 17 times a day!' That research has paid off in a hysterical six-part adult comedy, boasting an impressive supporting cast and some potty-mouthed East End Cockney dialogue.
Another superior adult comedy from master of the genre, Judd Apatow.
It has the feel of a genuine adult comedy club but with the rude bits taken out and a little bit more audience participation.
An odd concept here with Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Banks in an edgy adult comedy in which the puppet cast of a 1980s TV show are being systematically murdered.
Mundelein-based Kirk Players is wrapping up their successful 52nd season as they prepare to stage the comical and witty 2013 Tony Award-winning adult comedy (not appropriate for children) "Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike" by Christopher Durang.
The gig will be a preview of their upcoming Edinburgh Comedy Fringe show and will feature some adult comedy.
Summary: Game Night, the gory adult comedy that peaked my interest after its hilarious and kinda twisted trailer hit YouTube
Now, fans are wondering what's next for the hit adult comedy sitcom.
And in November, watch out for top telly comedian Jimmy Tarbuck who swaps The London Palladium for Middlesbrough Theatre on Sunday, November 19, with a show which promises comedy for grown-ups rather than adult comedy.
However, Tarby is at his best in front of a live audience and during his date in Rhyl he will be sharing anecdotes, demonstrating his quickfire wit and thoroughly entertaining the audience in a show which promises comedy for grown-ups rather than adult comedy.
Martin was last represented on Broadway with his bluegrass-driven musical "Bright Star." Meteor Shower is an adult comedy by Steve Martin directed by Gordon Edelstein, a co-production with Long Wharf Theatre.
Ted (Film4, Thursday, 9pm) "HERE is the story of a little boy and his magical wish that changed his life forever," intones Patrick Stewart as the droll narrator at the start of this uproarious adult comedy about the relationship between a man and his exceedingly animated and foul-mouthed childhood teddy bear.

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