v. i.1.To commit adultery; to pollute.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Deprehendit adulterum cun uxore, ex qua filium adolescentem habebat; imperavit filio ut occideret: non occidit: adulter effugit.
Logo no inicio desta mesma elegia, Propercio dirige-se ao interlocutor (desconhecido --nos moldes do livro 1), pedindo que ele se afaste da sua amada, comparando-se a um novo Menelau "Hospes in hospitium Menelao uenit adulter.--O hospede veio adultero na hospedagem de Menelau." (79), o ego-elegiaco propoe que Linceu, imite poetas: "Tu satius memorem Musis imitere Philitan/ et non inflati Somnia Callimachi.--Basta que imites nas Musas o rememorado Filetas e os sonhos do conciso Calimaco." A tomarmos este conselho associado a infidelidade sexual, os versos soam absolutamente incongruentes, ou, pelo menos, pouco coerentes, uma vez que nao e comum se enunciar: "afaste-se de minha mulher, e melhor ler poesia".
Anti-Trojans emphasize and insult Paris; Juno, for example, calls Paris a Trojan adulterer (Dardanius adulter, 10.92).
Adulter in muliere non quaerit generare prolem, sed quaerit tantum corporalem delectationem.
"Do you truly believe that your husband is not an adulter?" I asked her to remember when the News of the World dropped on the kitchen table and the first allegations of an affair with Fiona McGuire were published.
Significantly, OE earge is sometimes used to gloss Latin adulter, peccatrix, luxuriosus and other words for socially inappropriate behaviours, fear being one of the immediate consequences of such acts.
She was offered the hush money just before she was supposed to confirm a report about the golfer's adulter y at a press conference in December.
1536: Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, was executed on Tower Green for alleged adulter y.