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a.1.Burnt; adust.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Forthwith from Councel to the work they flew, None arguing stood, innumerable hands Were ready, in a moment up they turnd Wide the Celestial soile, and saw beneath Th' originals of Nature in thir crude Conception; Sulphurous and Nitrous Foame They found, they mingl'd, and with suttle Art, Concocted and adusted they reduc'd To blackest grain, and into store conveyd: Part hidd'n veins diggd up (nor hath this Earth Entrails unlike) of Mineral and Stone, Whereof to found thir Engins and thir Balls Of missive ruin; part incentive reed Provide, pernicious with one touch to fire.
Highlights Orders (in units): 58 Falcons 66 Falcons Deliveries (in units): 11 Rafaes Operating margin : 13,9% Adusted net income * : 524 million [euro] (366 million [euro], excluding Thales) * neutralization of THALES Purchase Price Allocation amortization and of the change in fair value of derivative exchange instruments which do not qualify for hedge accounting.
The effect of soil moisture on thermal performance was studied by varying the volumetric water content and solving for the adusted thermophysical properties.