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 (ăd′vĕn′tĭst, ăd-vĕn′-)
A member of any of several Christian denominations that believe Jesus's Second Coming and the end of the world are near.

Ad′vent′ism n.
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(ˈædvɛntɪst; ˈædvən-)
(Christian Churches, other) a member of any of the Christian groups, such as the Seventh-Day Adventists that hold that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent
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(ˈæd vɛn tɪst, ædˈvɛn-)

a member of any of certain Christian denominations that maintain that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent.
Ad′vent•ism, n.
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Noun1.Adventist - a member of Christian denomination that expects the imminent advent of Christ
Christian - a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
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An offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists sprang into sudden prominence, proclaiming the end of the world.
A large scale study with the participation of 96,000 Adventists called the The Adventist Health Study ( AHS-2) examined the links between diet and lifestyle.A The result of the AHS-2 said that following a vegetarian diet lowered risk of obesity, high blood pressure and sugar, thus indicatingA lower mortality rates for them.
The Adventist Health Studies have examined vegetarian and non-vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists.
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Robak was a contractor at Big Lake Youth Camp, located near Mount Washington and affiliated with the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Robak had worked at the camp for the previous eight summers, according to Gleaner-Now, a news magazine for the Adventist church's North Pacific Union Conference.
( Seventh-day Adventists | FindTheData
One religious group which has incorporated its health teachings in its doctrines is the Seventh Day Adventists (SDAs).
After the Great Disappointment of October 1844, these Adventists searched desperately for a new religious identity.
Over the years, he filed a number of cases on behalf of Seventh-day Adventists and others.
Postum drinkers include Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists. "Mormons don't drink coffee, tea or alcohol; they drink Postum," Rust says.
He was a member of the College Church of Seventh-day Adventists, South Lancaster.
Many Adventists also believed that Ellen White was a prophetess whose visions revealed the will of God.

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