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 (äd′wə, ăd′-) also A·du·wa or A·do·wa (ä′də-wə, ăd′ə-)
A town of northern Ethiopia south of Asmara, Eritrea. Emperor Menelik II decisively defeated the Italians here in 1896 to secure recognition of Ethiopia's independence.
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On the eleventh day, Soviet pilots transported Woldeselassie and the others from Adwa to Makelle by helicopter.
What can be achieved by an Africa United was demonstrated by the Battle of Adwa.
MPs Khalid Al Adwa and Mohammad Al Huwaila said they would reject the anti-prime minister motion and that their stance was based on constitutional and religious grounds.
Though absent of Italian combat, the film's conclusion, in its historical context, is symbolic of Italy's later defeat at Adwa in 1896.
Khaled Adwa Al-Ajmi was born in 1959 and holds a bachelor degree in Islamic Sharia.
In a move that reflects the extent of the tension prevailing in the streets, constituents also gathered in front of the homes of MPs Mohammad Al Huwaila and Khalid Al Adwa even though they have already declared their support of the grilling.
With more than 900 visitors during the opening night, the exhibition features over 40 new works ranging from video to sculpture to installation by Saudi's emerging artists, including Abdulnasser Gharem, Adwa Al-Mubarak, Ahaad Alamoudi, Ahmed Angawi, Ahmed Mater, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Effat Fadaag, Eyad Maghazel, Hala Ali, Hamza Serafi, Ibrahim Abumsmar, Jowhara Al-Saud, Maha Malluh, Manal Al-Dowayan, Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Nasser Al-Salem, Noha Al-Sharif, Saddek Wasil, Saeed Salem, Sami Al-Turki, Sara Al-Abdali and Sarah Abu Abdullah.
A UNAMID Team conducted an assessment mission last Wednesday to Adwa village, about 40 km north of Nyala town in South Darfur on Wednesday to verify reports about the return of IDPs to their village.
Sharawi and Omar (Riyadh) shared third position for the Technology Competition award while Muhammad 'Anggi' Makki (Jeddah), Ahmad Al-Amoudi (Jeddah) and Adwa Al-Mubarak (Riyadh) were the top three winners in the Arts & Creativity category.
e* Clean-up campaigns in which 617 people took part in Duma, Adwa and Kereri were organised.
Gebrekristos' grandfather and father were also both renowned for paintings depicting the defeat of the Italian invaders at the Battle of Adwa, one of Ethiopia's most famous battles and the one that saved the country from European colonialisation.