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or A·jar·i·a  (ə-jär′ē-ə)
A semiautonomous region of southwest Georgia bordering on the Black Sea and Turkey. Colonized by the Greeks in the fourth and fifth centuries bc, the region was ruled by the Romans and the Turks before its acquisition by Russia in 1878.

Ad·zhar′ (ə-jär′) n.
Ad·zhar′i·an adj. & n.
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Noun1.Adzhar - an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black SeaAdzhar - an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea
Sakartvelo, Georgia - a republic in Asia Minor on the Black Sea separated from Russia by the Caucasus mountains; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991
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According to NBI, while being arrested, Julmain claimed his official name to be Adzhar Hadjula Mannan.
Adzhar Udjan led nine Quezon City players in double figures with 16 points and also added 10 rebounds, two assists, a steal, and a block.
Teddy Raval of enforcement Service Directors Adzhar Albani of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service, Jessie Cardona of Finance Management Service, Yogi Felimon Ruiz of Enforcement and Security Service, Atty.
Coalition president Adzhar Latif said its over 30,000 members were firmly behind BN and Najib, for the support that led to the branch of medicine being recognised by the Health Ministry.
Adzhar Kamaluddin University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Correspondence should be addressed to Muhammad Amirul Arib Md Adzhar;
Ruhana Hassan, Rambli Ahmad, Muhammad Amirul Arib Md Adzhar, et al.
Institute for Strategic Studies Adzhar Kurtov told ArmInfo, when asked to comment on the opinion of Russian military expert Alexander
In Tbilisi, in "sunny Baku" (110) and Erevan, in Sukhumi, Tvarcheli (Abkhazian ASSR), Batumi (Adzhar ASSR), Kirovabad (Azerbaijan), Kirovakan (Armenia), (111) and elsewhere in the region, (112) there were heated debates about the nationality of two young men who were introduced as new Dynamo Kiev players in the 1966 season: Valerii Porkuian and Vladimir Muntian.
(3.) Adzhar A, Gough RE, Haydon D, Shaw K, Britton P, Cavanagh D.
In Georgia there has been persecution of the Ossetian minority, who are Adzhar Muslims, and of the political opposition, with Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia claiming almost absolute power.