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An elected official of ancient Rome who was responsible for public works and games and who supervised markets, the grain supply, and the water supply.

[Latin aedīlis, from aedēs, house.]


(ˈiːdaɪl) or


(Historical Terms) a magistrate of ancient Rome in charge of public works, games, buildings, and roads
[C16: from Latin aedīlis concerned with buildings, from aedēs a building]


or e•dile

(ˈi daɪl)

a magistrate in ancient Rome in charge of public buildings, streets, services, markets, games, and the distribution of grain.
[1570–80; < Latin aedīlis=aed(ēs) temple, shrine + -īlis -ile2]
ae′dile•ship`, n.
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curule aediles allowed the victim of nonconforming performance to choose
The edicts of senior magistrates, the praetors, and later also those of the aediles, the Edicta Magistratum created the jus honorarium, which swept away much of the rigidity of early Roman laws and, during the later Republic, introduced some form of equity.
Lesser ordinary magistrates were urban quaestors, aerarii, (69) plebian aediles, curulial aediles, (70) administers, (71) leaders of the different tribes, triumvirs, quatuorvirs, quinquevirs, decemvirs, (72) and the like.