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 (ăl′frĭk) Known as "Grammaticus." 955?-1020?
Anglo-Saxon abbot noted as the author of works in Old English, such as Catholic Homilies and Lives of the Saints, as well as a Latin grammar.


(Biography) called Grammaticus. ?955–?1020, English abbot, writer, and grammarian


(ˈæl frɪk)

( “Ælfric Grammaticus”; “Ælfric the Grammarian” ) A.D. c955–c1020, English abbot and writer.
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While earlier Latin writers such as Bede and Alcuin are both comfortable with the metaphor of spiritual intoxication, later vernacular writers such as AEfric refrain from developing such imagery (perhaps because `he was too concerned about inebriation in its immediate, literal sense to wish to explore the fine points of its spiritual meaning' (p.140)).
A Fragment of AEfric's Grammar and Glossary and a Poem on the Soul and Body.
AEfric assiduously conveys the texts of both letters.