Aerial navigation

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the act or art of sailing or floating in the air, as by means of airplanes or ballons; aviation; aëronautic.

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Henson and Sir George Cayley - had much weakened the public interest in the subject of aerial navigation. Mr.
Malaysia and Singapore are locked in disputes over each country's extension of their respective port limits as well as the republic's bid to introduce an aerial navigation system in its Seletar Airport that Malaysia says will hobble development in Pasir Gudang due to height restrictions.
Precision timing then, as it is today, was vital to military operations especially for artillery and aerial navigation and bombing.
These abilities, when used by forecasters, will make it safer for people spending time outdoors, as well as for marine and aerial navigation.
The construction of Torre de Manila did not and does not violate any laws, rules on easement or requirements of aerial navigation. The construction of Torre de Manila was in fact duly authorized by the concerned national and local government agencies.
Like IRNSS IA launched in July 2013 and1B sent up this April, the 1 C also carried navigation and ranging payloads, according to officials of the space department who also expect the IRNSS system with a 1500km range to make India self-reliant in aerial navigation, and disaster management besides surveillance from outer space.
In fact, during the war and prior, uncertainty in location was a major threat to marine and aerial navigation. Historically, latitude at sea could be relatively accurately determined for centuries by fixing the angle of the sun at noon, but the uncertainty in longitude was responsible for many shipwrecks.
Iraq also contracted with Thales of France for aviation radars for aerial navigation.
Other highlights of the program, which continues Saturday and Sunday, include a presentation by JetBlue on commercial aviation, a conversation with the Mars Foundation on designing and building the first permanent base on Mars, as well as displays by professionals in aerodynamics, aerial navigation and pilot communications.
This epidemic occurred in an area where the mean annual rainfall for the past 30 years was 1,460 mm (Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar, unpub.