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A trademark for a telescoping corridor that extends from an airport terminal to an aircraft that is used for the boarding and disembarkation of passengers.


(Aeronautics) a moving bridge that connects an airport gate to an aircraft


Trademark. a movable passageway in an airport connecting the terminal building to an airplane.
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As the passengers began to disembark from the aerobridge into the terminal building, the officials cordoned the area and commenced security checks.
Previously, the aviation regulator had asked the airline company to apply for a fresh RPT license, while withdrawing the aerobridge facility, thereby irking SAI passengers.
Even after entering the aerobridge and subsequently on our arrival at the immigration area, the interiors of the airport were filled with dust," a passenger added.
The investment will be spent on tripling aerobridge capacity, an expanded business district and an embedded hotel, according to Mark Young, the managing director of Adelaide Airport Ltd.
Video footage showed some of the passengers rushing out to the aerobridge to get fresh air as the heat inside was unbearable while others frantically waved their handkerchiefs and newspapers to get relief.
The Singapore Airlines wide body jet parked at Bay 6 of NAIA was pushed five meters to its side, forcing its wing and left engine to smash into the terminal's aerobridge.
Speaking to the media after disembarking from the QA flight, the first-time passengers in Doha were able to use a aerobridge, committee chairman Abdul Aziz Mohamad Al Noaimi heralded the event as the result of hard work in face of challenges.
grand father right, existence of aerobridge, etc), rules in step 3b may be modified.
Every time an airline uses the aerobridge in Dibrugarh, it has to pay Rs 5000.
Ryanair, an Ireland-based low cost airline, has gathered support from hoteliers in Alicante, Spain, against the imposition of an aerobridge fee on all Ryanair flights to Alicante in 2013.
Fitchburg Pilot's Association President Charley Valera said the effort in response to devastation from Superstorm Sandy was a collaboration with AERObridge, a National Business Aviation Association-endorsed group of aviation specialists who coordinate emergency aviation responses during disasters.
OThe main deck has more facilities such as toilets [eight in an economy configuration of 350 seats], and the dual aerobridge airport facility supporting this deck will also mean a speedier/faster embarkation and disembarkation for this group of passengers,O MAS said.