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A trademark for a telescoping corridor that extends from an airport terminal to an aircraft that is used for the boarding and disembarkation of passengers.


(Aeronautics) a moving bridge that connects an airport gate to an aircraft


Trademark. a movable passageway in an airport connecting the terminal building to an airplane.
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Airport is equipped with state of the art facilities and equipment including modern aerobridges, radar, lnding and airfield lighting system.
The airport is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including modern aerobridges, radars and a landing and airfield lighting system.
The new airport consists of 96 check-in counters and will have aerobridges allowing passengers to directly walk from the terminal to the aircraft.
As part of expansion, new terminal building, elevated road for exit, multi-level parking and six aerobridges would be constructed at the cost of Rs74 billion.
It would have aerobridges capable of serving 12 to 17 wide-bodied and single aisle jets.
The terminal consists of 220 standard check-in counters for all airlines, 80 self-service machines for airlines, 56 passport control counters for departure and 72 counters for arrival, 117 passport self-service machines, 46 gates for domestic and international passengers, 94 aerobridges, 42 waiting lounges for international flights and 24 for domestic flights, and automatic train system.
In order to further stream- line the boarding and disembarking processes, aerobridges leading to the aircrafts have been designed to split into two: one arm leading to first and business class, while the other to economy class.
It is now exploring applications for this technology in other areas of transport to improve accessibility, including aerobridges and cruise vessel access.
The lounge has direct access to the aerobridges that are used for boarding your flight.
Today the airport is very different, comprising a modern and flexible-use domestic and international terminal, comprising 14 aerobridges and the capacity to handle 3,000 passengers per hour.
This includes the aerobridges along with new high-tech scanning machines, the extension of the duty-free area featuring additional luxury brands, the provision of free wi-fi across the terminal, the introduction of more food and beverages options and many more, said the statement.
The increased traffic will be handled by more than tripling the number of aerobridges from 14 to 52 by 2044.