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Noun1.aircraft engine - the engine that powers and aircraftaircraft engine - the engine that powers and aircraft
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
engine - motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work
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Kaman Aerosystems is a supplier of integrated aerostructures, including metallic and composite structural assemblies and metallic parts for OEM and Tier I aerospace companies engaged in commercial and military aircraft and aeroengine programs.
17] introduced two looseness fault models, and the mechanism of the asynchronous vibration response phenomenon caused by the looseness fault in the whole aeroengine vibration system was analysed by numerical integration methods.
The FTC approval was contingent on GE agreeing to not interfere with Avio's AeroEngine division's development of a key engine component for GE rival Pratt & Whitney.
MHI) has completed its acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, the small and medium-size gas turbine business unit of Pratt & Whitney (P&W), an aeroengine manufacturer.
aeroengine maker Pratt & Whitney to further strengthen its energy business.
Magellan engineers and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced products for military and space markets, and complementary specialty products.
Typically aircraft makers and aeroengine OEMs rely on preliminary lab data from the likes of the AFRL and Southwest Research to filter out fuels that don't meet fuel specifications or fit for purpose.
Parker Aerospace is a global leader in flight control, hydraulic, fuel, fluid conveyance, thermal management, and engine systems and components used on virtually every commercial and military aircraft and aeroengine in production in the world today.
There will be more than 20 exhibitors on the day, including Jaguar Land Rover, AeroEngine Controls, Balfour Beatty and National Grid.
Designer, engineer and manufacturer of aeroengine and aerostructure components Magellan Aerospace Corporation (TSX:MAL) yesterday reported that its third quarter net income fell in 2010.
Following the discussions Mr Prisk commented: "I was impressed to see the innovation taking place at Indestructible and how it enables the company to expand and enhance its wide range of advanced engineering coatings - such as those capable of protecting large jet aeroengine components operating at extremely high temperatures.
Effects of pyrolysed aeroengine oil on human health Germany's pilot and cabin crews trade unions and associations are calling on the German government to launch an independent inquiry into the effects of pyrolysed aeroengine oil on human health.