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A corticosteroid, C24H31FO6, administered by inhalation to treat asthma and nasally to treat allergies.

[flu(oro)- + (pred)nisol(one) + -ide.]


n flunisolida
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2]- Albuterol ProAir HFA; Proventil adrenergic HFA; Ventolin HFA; agonists Xopenex HFA Corticosteroids Beclomethasone HFA QVAR Ciclesonide Alvesco Flunisolide HFA Aerospan Fluticasone propionate Flovent HFA Mometasone furoate Asmanex HFA Combinations Budesonide/formoterol Symbicort Fluticasone Advair HFA propionate/salmeterol Mometasone Dulera furoate/formoterol BA-pMDIs [Beta.
Meda Pharmaceuticals, the company's branded pharmaceutical division, offers leading branded prescription medications for allergy treatment--Dymista, Aerospan, Astepro and Astelin--as well as a number of high-quality, branded generic drugs.
Speciality pharmaceutical company Meda AB (STO:MEDAA) announce today the completion of the acquisition of Acton Pharmaceuticals Inc and its proprietary product Aerospan.
Swedish drugmaker Meda AB (STO:MEDAA) said it had completed its acquisition of US development company Acton Pharmaceuticals Inc along with its asthma inhaler Aerospan for some USD135m (EUR99m) on a cash and debt free basis.
Acton) including the proprietary product Aerospan for US$ 135 million.
Acton said in a statement that Aerospan will now be sold by a leading U.
However, Forest Laboratories not long ago introduced Aerospan an HFA form of flunisolide.
The Food and Drug Administration approved Aerospan (flunisolide HFA, 80 mcg) inhalation aerosol for the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in adult and pediatric patients aged 6 years and older.
While last year's volatile technology market prompted an avalanche of dot-com failures, online exchanges continue to spring up in industries ranging from aerospace with its Aerospan to retail's WorldWide Retail Exchange.
SITA, a provider of integrated telecommunications and information solution to the air transport industry, has acquired the majority of AAR Corp's ownership position in Aerospan.
Another exchange that was scheduled to beign operations in the summer of 2000 is Aerospan.
A joint venture between SITA and AAR called aerospan.
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