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(Biography) ?389–?314 bc, Athenian orator; the main political opponent of Demosthenes
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(ˈɛs kəˌniz)

389–314 B.C., Athenian orator.
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Which, among other things, may serve as a comment on that saying of Aeschines, that "drunkenness shows the mind of a man, as a mirrour reflects his person."
Fragment #4 -- Scholiast on Aeschines in Ctes., sec.
As Garrison contends, the passage from a speech given by Aeschines in 330 B.C.
execution by hemlock were the deaths of rhetorician Aeschines in 323
the himation with tunic, possibly in the so-called Aeschines
According to Aeschines, 'Tyrannies and oligarchies are administered according to the temper of their lords, but democratic states according to their own established laws', i.e.
The topics are Demosthenes and his times, his opponent in the case Aeschines' speech Against Ctesiphon: an abstract, a structural analysis, [ETH]thos, crafting nostalgia: pathos, on the deinos logos, and Demosthenes' style: lexis.
Such ideas motivate Aeschines' abuse of Timarchus: "He acted in this way because he was enslaved to the most shameful pleasures, to gluttony and extravagant meals and female pipers and hetairai and dice and the rest of the sort of things that a wellborn and free man aught to have mastery over" (42.6).
Among the local people there was Apollodorus, whom I mentioned, Critobulus and his father, also Hermogenes, Epigenes, Aeschines and Antisthenes.
In addition to Plato, students Xenophon, Euclides, Aeschines, Simon the Cobbler and others wrote about the Master; from Xenophon we have substantial extant texts (e.g., Apology, Memorabilia); and Aristotle's indirect testimony can hardly be set aside.