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 (ăth′əl-stăn′) 895?-939.
King of Mercia and Wessex (924?-939) who was the first Saxon ruler to establish his authority over all of England.


(Biography) ?895–939 ad, king of Wessex and Mercia (924–939 ad), who extended his kingdom to include most of England


(ˈæθ əlˌstæn)

A.D. 895?–940, king of England 925–940.
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Noun1.Athelstan - the first Saxon ruler who extended his kingdom to include nearly all of England (895-939)
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Alfred the Great's grandson Aethelstan, arguably the first King of all the English, was a legal reformer.
155) Abels, supra note 22, at 274; see also Morris, supra note 23, at 18 (stating that records show the Reeve of London led Londoners in pursuit of thieves during the reign of King Aethelstan in the early tenth century).
The roof-tree of the honour of the Western World" is how the compiler of the Annals of Ulster described King AEthelstan when recording his death in 939, and others of his contemporaries understood his importance very well; an anonymous poet praised AEthelstan's kingdom as "ista perfecta Saxonia" (this completed England), and the individual at Exeter who, in the eleventh century, copied out a list of AEthelstan's relic bequests to the cathedral knew that he had "ruled England 'singly, which before him many kings had shared between them.
Others include the translation of technical terms in law-codes, and multilingualism in the Court of King AEthelstan.
Using the barest of references, Foot brings the image of AEthelstan into sharp relief.
Very similar was AEthelstan, who fought against Olaf, and defeated his army and put Olaf himself to flight, and he dwelled in peace afterwards with his people.
11) As in other works of an apparently similar kind, in Salas' chronological account, different amount of space is devoted to Ethelbert of Kent, Egbert, Edmund of East Anglia, Alfred, Edward, Aethelstan, Edward (his son), Edred, Edward Martyr, Svein, Cnut, Godwin, Harold and William.
The three articles on England more than confirm his insight, with the kind of concrete analysis at which Wormald excelled: for instance, Michael Wood traces a poem personally associated with AEthelstan to a manuscript brought to England by his tutor, John the Saxon.
In a charter dated 934, Edward's son AEthelstan is referred to as 'king and governor of all this island of Britain'.
King Sihtric of Dublin is set to marry Princess Edith, the sister of Aethelstan, the West Saxon King of England.
The town's mint was known to be in production between the reigns of Aethelstan (924-936) and Stephen (1135-1154).
Another horse worth keeping an eye on from the Head stable is Khalid Abdullah's Take Heed, who won the Prix Aethelstan by five lengths.