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a.1.Closely connected, as by affinity.
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In the US, the word Nigger in reference to a Black person may be highly offensive, affectionate, affinitive, or faddish, depending on who uses it and in what context(s) (for example, following trends in rap and other popular music).
Affinitive networks, including those intentionally produced by police training, interpenetrate the official procedures with plentiful informalities.
The competent communicator as per Wiemann (1977) is thus described as empathic, affinitive and supportive, and relaxed while interacting; he is capable of adapting his behavior as the situation within an encounter changes and as he moves from encounter to encounter.
Both Wundt and Vygotsky perceive imagination and creativity as two highly affinitive concepts.
In "Starlight Order," the affinitive connection to Eliot now becomes clear reference, but with new effect:
It is an affinitive gesture--a friendly one--and may be a way of imparting their scent on you.